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  2. Training and Coaching  

Training and Coaching

Business Coaching

For company employees with Asian/Chinese business contacts, we offer individual and group coaching or training to help them cope with the daily tasks and requirements in Asian business.

Especially in the international cooperation of German companies with Asian business partners, very different cultural and economic areas come together, which in many areas have completely different histories and roots.

Different work and communication styles often lead to misunderstandings, loss of time and energy, which make successful cooperation difficult or even impossible.

Our business coaching is a process-integrated and process-oriented partnership, especially in the Sino-Asian context. The objective is to accompany our clients in their international professional and human development.

Especially when dealing with Asian cultures and business partners, it is crucial to know your strengths and abilities in Asia in order to be successful in the long term.

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Coping with the daily tasks and requirements in Asian business

Enterpreneur Coaching

Our entrepreneur coaching offer is aimed at owners, managing directors and senior managers of medium-sized companies who want to get involved or are already involved in the Asia/Chinese business.

Our individual coaching includes among others:

Analysis of Strengths

Management Tasks and Competencies in China/Asia

Dealing with and Resolving Conflicts with Chinese people

Monitoring of Decisions and Changes with Reference to Asia

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Inhouse Training and Seminars

In addition to our three-stage GO CHINA - Workshop we offer a series of seminars and trainings for every (China/Asia related) need. Our training methods are tailored to your requirements.

Lecture, interactive seminar and workshop or a combination of these are of course possible. For the management we can offer special training contents, which are specifically adapted to managers.

We have put together a short exemplary overview of the topics here:

Staff and Management Training

Acquisition in China

  • Introduction: China's development since WTO accession
  • China's export regulations and tariffs
  • the right preparation
  • selecting and auditing the supplier
  • negotiations and contracts
  • payment and delivery conditions
  • quality assurance and certification
  • logistics
  • establishment of a system supplier
  • conclusion

eCommerce in China/Asia

  • market data acquisition
  • customs regulations
  • platform or own system
  • practical approach
  • warranty obligations
  • consumer behaviour
  • terms of payment
  • in China or outbound
  • distribution via social media in China/Asia
  • TMall and JD.com
  • conclusion

Sales in China

  • Introduction: China's development since WTO accession
  • China's export regulations and tariffs
  • the right preparation
  • direct sales or indirect sales
  • procedure for decision-making
  • practical approach
  • payment and delivery conditions
  • sales controlling
  • logistics
  • development of a distribution network in China
  • conclusion

Training for the Management Level

Business Meeting and, if necessary, Business Trip

  • basics and necessities of the planned China business  in a nutshell.
  • if necessary travel companion to China and visiting relevant companies or agents

China - Opportunities and Risks for German Companies

  • basics
  • economic development
  • corruption and intercultural problems in business
  • business in China
  • China's future in the world

Intercultural Manager Training

  • basics
  • background of Chinese behaviour and thinking
  • recognition of new behaviour patterns and to interpret them right
  • how to avoid intercultural mistakes
  • communication and conduct of negotiations
  • conflict resolution strategies with Chinese partners
  • communication for achieving project goals and corporate success in a German-Chinese project
  • problem solving strategy

Intercultural Training

For German managers of Chinese employees

  • basics
  • background of Chinese ways of acting and thinking
  • recognizing, interpreting and using behavioral patterns
  • avoiding intercultural "blunders" and mistakes
  • leadership in Chinese
  • motivation of employees in Chinam
  • problem: Fluctuation
  • payment and incentive

We are also happy to create an individual training and education concept according to your requirements.


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We are at your disposal for a first meeting!


Of course, we also offer all our seminars, additionally enriched with your special contents, as interactive workshops for your company.

If you are just starting your engagement in China or want to implement new business branches in China, we recommend our GO-CHINA Workshop. Specially enriched with your contents and specifications and supplemented with our know-how, you will gain a comprehensive and practice-oriented insight into your new business segment.

GO-CHINA Workshop - Contents

In this three-stage workshop, we briefly reflect on your company in Germany or Europe, work out a target projection for your commitment in China together with you on the basis of this brief analysis, and show you what we consider to be the best way to achieve your goals in China. You will receive a time and budget plan as an estimate.

This GO CHINA workshop should be attended by the professionals and managers who are responsible for planning business in China. The workshop should be preceded at least one short entrepreneurial discussion. Please allow up to one week in-house (depending on the project) and several days for preparation and research. We estimate 0.5 to 2 days for the presentation of results and subsequent discussion.

Our GO CHINA workshops always refer to the data provided by your company and the objectives roughly formulated in the business meeting.  You will not receive "off-the-peg advice" from us. Individual prerequisites and goals require individual approach and implementation.

The GO CHINA workshop is always open-ended, which means that we always try to achieve the set goals with your resources. However, if this is not possible, we will be happy to show you which starting conditions need to be changed for successful business in China.


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We are at your disposal for a first meeting!