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  2. Implementation and Consulting  

Implementation and Consulting

Business Creation in China

A company can be created in China for various reasons. Typical examples are:

  • an export and/or production company for the domestic market
  • you follow a larger customer to be present on site
  • you want to open up the Chinese market for your own company

No matter what the reasons for the business creation are, the whole project depends on the preparations.

Time and cost schedules and, if necessary, schedules and best- and worst-case scenarios have to be prepared and then continuously adjusted and monitored to ensure that your venture is a sure success and your commitment in China does not become a "bottomless pit".

Be it a representative office, your own wholly owned subsidiary or a joint venture, managing a company 8000 km away and integrating it into the group of companies is never trivial.

Even the attempt to simply transfer German or European thinking to China and Chinese employees will certainly lead to the failure of your project.

But besides all the risks of an engagement in another culture, Asia and especially China also offer considerable opportunities. Not only in terms of costs, but also as a separate market and know-how gain! We ensure that your project can be successfully implemented!

For this purpose, we offer you all services that are necessary and helpful for your engagement in China. From the first preparatory planning and decision-making meetings, through the business and financial plan, to the complete set-up in China, including all papers, location, employees, equipment, etc. Depending on that and exactly what you want!

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We make sure that your project can be successfully implemented!

You are planning a company acquisition in China?

You want to merge with a company or buy a suitable company?

You already have a candidate for the planned transaction or are still looking for a suitable company in China?

Especially in the various stages of the M&A-business the cultural differences are obvious. They often lead to problems in the communication and to different assessments of the individual results. To ensure that this does not lead to the termination of the entire transaction, we are happy to support you with our network and our know-how.

Our portfolio includes:

  • the search and selection of a target company
  • addressing the company and its management
  • reconciliation of interests and mutual acquaintance
  • letter of intent
  • due diligence
  • deal design
  • dupport for the evaluation and price negotiation
  • signing
  • registration with authorities
  • closing
  • etc.

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Sales and Sales Development in China

Trade between Germany and China is in full swing.

China has long since ceased to stand for cheap imports and is now the fastest growing foreign sales market for the Central European economy.

In recent years alone, German exports to the People's Republic have almost doubled.

Due to the intended change from "quantity" to "quality" of the Chinese production economy, the demand for European investment and equipment goods has increased enormously, especially in the B2B sector, and will continue to grow in the coming years.

So that your company can also operate successfully in the Chinese market, we offer comprehensive support and advice on the following sales topics in China: 

Market analyses for your sales in China

If necessary, GO-China Workshop (as a professional basis for the decisionfor your market development)

Sales controlling of your existing sales organization

Sales training for your employees in China

Expert opinion for the evaluation of your structures in China

Sales partner search in Asia

Troubleshooting und Solutions in China

and much more

eCommerce in Asia/China

Recognizing opportunities and challenges correctly

Asia, and especially China, is the fastest growing market for eCommerce worldwide. In 2019 alone, eCommerce sales in the People's Republic of China amounted to approximately 2,000 billion US dollars. By 2023 this is expected to rise to an estimated 4,000 billion US dollars.

Of course, it is also true for the Asian/Chinese eCommerce market that there is no strategy that fits 100% and by default on every company. Nevertheless, there are some universal rules that must be observed.

The large eCommerce portals TMall and JD offer the greatest possibilities here, but are very restrictive.

Social media play a major role in China and Asia, where recommendations are often seen as more credible than traditional sales channels.

The most important networks in China are Weixin and Renren.

If you are interested in entering the Asian and Chinese eCommerce market, please contact us! We will listen to your questions and impulses and realize your ideas, upon request, with our local partners.


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Supplier Development in China

In the current economic phase, almost all companies are feeling a particular pressure from the market. Among many other things, the vertical range of manufacture must be reconsidered in order to achieve an improved cost structure. One possibility for streamlining manufacturing processes is outsourcing or system supplier development. However, this is one of the more difficult and complicated tasks for a company.


China offers some advantages here:

Highly trained engineers and managers despite moderate salary levels

Inexpensive labour force and fixed costs

Often cheaper raw material and fuel prices

International experience of potential system suppliers

However, before you decide on system supplier development in China, it is advisable to define exactly what the goals for your involvement in China are and what steps are necessary to achieve them. A time and cost schedule for your engagement in China is mandatory.

In addition, you should definitely pursue an integrated procurement approach and integrate your procurement strategy in China into your overall strategy for your company.

If you only want to use the cost effect for your sourcing or if you only want to obtain your parts and components in China on an irregular basis, simple sourcing is probably the better choice.

In addition, the considerable differences in mentality and the different cultural roots are a factor that should not be underestimated. A seemingly insignificant mistake, the wrong interpretation of a hint or a lack of preparation of your executive staff can lead to delays and failure.

For higher quality parts in medium to high quantities, or if you want to become active in the Chinese market yourself, system supplier development or your own (manufacturing) company in China will become more important.

Boiwen & Company support you in identifying and implementing your system suppliers in China. Depending on your requirements, we take over all the necessary subtasks - from the search for potential partners to the negotiation of framework agreements and the organisation of internal and external quality assurance.

Use our contacts and our know-how to reduce your costs!

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You have put a lot of time and energy into your project in China and so far everything has gone well. Nevertheless, problems arise, the Chinese partner is no longer as cooperative and the lack of performance is not justified or only with weak, incomprehensible arguments. You do not know how you can continue and still achieve your results.

It is irrelevant whether your problems have existed from the beginning or have only arisen later and whether you can clearly specify these problems or only have a "feeling" that something is not going as agreed. Talk to us, we will help you to find the reasons for the unclear behaviour of the business partner / business unit.

If there is a solution, we will find it and work with you (and your Chinese partners) to find the best way to implement a solution. For this purpose, we use different measures to achieve the problem solutions, depending on the assignment and the severity of the problem:


From discussions and interviews with the affected internal and external employees and partners and, if necessary, the review of existing documents, to forensic safeguarding and evaluation of the information technologies used (IT systems, communication systems, mobile devices) and much more.

Assessment and Comparison

Target/actual comparison, compliance with corporate governance, problem identification and much more

Elaboration and Implementation of the Solution 

We will find a solution and, implement even uncomfortable solutions in the company on your behalf.

Of course, all our activities remain internal and are treated confidentially.

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