Of course we also offer our trainings focus on your special contents as an interactive workshop for your company.

If you like to start your China engagement right now or to implement some new business lines, take part in our GO-CHINA workshop. Enriched with your special content and complement with our Know-how, you get a comprehensive and practical insight to your new business segment. Together with you, we work out an outline objectives for your involvement in China and present what we consider to be the optimal approach for achieving your objectives in China.

GO-CHINA Workshop - Contents

During this three-stage workshop we shortly reflect your company in Germany and Europe, working out a basic of that short analysis together with your goal projects for your China engagement and show you the perfect approach to achieve your plans in China. We also like to prepare a time and budget plan as an estimation for you.

Experts and management should take part in the GO-CHINA workshop. After the workshop a short entrepreneur interview has to follow. As estimated time please plan to one week in-house (depending on project) and some days for work out and research. For the presentation of results and the following discussion we plan 0, 5 to 2 days.

Our GO-CHINA workshop is always referring to your content and the formulated aim. Because individual requirements and goals always need an individual approach and realisation.

The GO-CHINA workshop is every time without any fixed expectations, which means we are always trying to implement your given goals with your resources. If this is not possible, we show you which sectors you need to change for a successful China business.

Contact us! We will be pleased to be at your disposal for further discussions.