Troubleshooting and problem solving

Is everything fine until now? Your business contacts and your Asian partners are able to meet requirements. You invest a lot of time and energy in your China engagement and everything went good. But now some problems arise, your Chinese partner is no longer that cooperative and the lack of progress is explained by weak, hardly acceptable arguments, or not explained at all. You do not know how to continue and to accomplish still your goals.

Independent if your problems exist from start on or arises later and if you are able to identify the problems or just having a “feeling” of something went wrong. Just call us, we help you to identify the reasons for unclear behave of your business partners or of the business segment. If there is a reason, we will find it to develop the optimal approach with you (and your Chinese partners).

Depending on the severity of the problem, we use different measures to solve the problem:

  • Analysis
    Of discussions and interviews of the relevant internal and external employees and partners. The check of available documents and the forensic imaging and analysis of used information technologies (EDV-Systems, communication-systems and mobile devises, etc.)
  • Surveying and comparing
    Of actual and desired value, compliance with the Corporate Governance, problem analysis, etc.
  • Working out and implementing of the optimal solution
    We find a solution and on your behalf we enforce even uncomfortable solutions in your company.



Obviously all of our activities will stay internal and treat confidential.

In case of the following requirements we can take action:

  • Communication difficulties and faults
  • Problems during contract performance (unilateral or double-sided)
  • Payment problems of Asian partners
  • Violation of the Corporate Governance guideline
  • Internal fraud
  • Enforcement of restructuring measures
  • Fiscal problems
  • Quality problems
  • etc.