Expert analysis

The most of medium-size businesses of the DACH-states only develop an occasional operation in Asia. Constructive of these opportunities are mainly more or less active engagement in the markets grows.

These engagement often has the following features:

  • Mainly pushed only by some individuals
  • Less integration in the business structure and culture at home
  • Not adjusted on the legal and economic developments
  • Highly and huge untapped potential at the target or home country
  • etc.

To bring more movement into life and to minimalize the risks and to make the chances clear, it is necessary to establish developing structures and a closer connection to the parent company.

To cross the language and cultural boundary it is important to do a detailed analysis of the current state and to evolve a common (Eurasian) way to achieve the objectives and the given requirements.

Just contact us! We generate the necessary expert opinions during an analysis of the current state to change your successful business in Asia.

We establish practical expert analysis in the following sectors:

Business founding and strategy in Asia

  • International strategic and operative business planning
  • International enterprise configuration

Feasibility and company analyses

  • Multidimensional feasibility studies, international process planning by the implantation of process concepts on the base of process and work-flow analyses
  • Company analyses and valuation, study of the market and competition position, feasibility studies, Benchmarking, support of business transfers or sector transfers during a limited bidding process

Personal management and development in Europe/Asia

  • Detailed staff requirement analysis according to organisational areas, professional circles and target pricing
  • Support during the recruiting of specialists and executive staff in Asia
  • Establishment and development of new personnel structures and innovative personnel organisations – especially on the interfaces of Europe/Asia and China
  • Further education and trainings of the staff which is involved in the Asia business and the economic and cultural further education of Asian staff
  • Business coaching of specialists and executive staff in context of economy and culture

Marketing and sale strategies for Asian markets

  • Marketing strategies and concepts on base of market framework and competition analyses and market research
  • Regional, national and international market positioning
  • Corporate identity / corporate design / brand development / conception
  • Sale strategy and structure
  • eCommerce in Asia 

Establishment of expert analysis


Work environment into the Eurasian context:

  • operator models and use concepts
  • evaluation of insourcing and outsourcing concepts
  • evaluation of cooperation and takeover plans
  • controlling, internal budgeting, reporting system
  • evaluation of business concept and business plan
  • cost-benefit-analysis, cost-utility-analysis, cost-effectiveness-analysis
  • revitalisation and restructuring plan
  • profitability analysis of personnel and material costs

ISO Certificate and Expert Role