Business foundation and takeover

Business foundation

A business foundation in China is suitable for many reasons, e.g.:

  • As an export and production company for the home market
  • The European company follows a big client to localised the own manufacturing
  • The company likes to open the Chinese market for the own products

Independent of the reasons for the foundation, the whole project depends on the preparing. Time and cost plans, schedule and best- and worst-case-scenes has to be prepared and after monitored and controlled closely, so your engagement will be a success and instead of an endless cycle. No matter if it is a representative, a 100% subsidiary or a Joint-Venture to absorb a company in 8000km is always nontrivial. But even the big differences in mentally and culture may scupper your business. Just a small mistake or a wrong interpretation is enough to cause obstruction. And also the try to copy German way of thinking in China leads to the failure of the company.

Business takeover

You like to merge or buy a suitable company?

You already have found a candidate for the further transaction or you are still looking for an appropriate company in China?

Especially in the various stages of the M&A-business the highly cultural differences are obvious. They often leads to problems at the communication and to differing assessments of the individual results.

To prevent the whole transaction from a cancellation, we support you with our Know-how and our Network.

Our portfolio ranges from:

  • The search and choice of a target company
  • Address of the company and its management
  • Reconciliation of interests and mutual acquaintance
  • Letter of Intent
  • Due Diligence • Deal Design
  • Support for the evaluation and price negotiation
  • Signing
  • Registration with authorities
  • Closing
  • etc.

We will be happy to get in touch with you and to offer you our special expertise!